Project Package

Small Investment, Big Results

Transformative thinking for your organisation

As the leading data science and machine learning consultancy in Australia, Intellify has helped clients to pilot and productionise AI projects, as well as embed AI into their core business processes. This helps organisations gain and sustain a competitive advantage, while also staying ahead of the curve.

From initial scoping and workshops with stakeholders, through to final delivery and productionisation, our highly experienced team of data scientists and consultants work with your IT and Business SMEs. We gain an understanding of your organisation’s top priorities, and show you how AI & ML can introduce new revenue channels, decrease costs, and improve productivity leading to significant ROI and business benefits

Our Project Package

From start to finish, we will coordinate with you to plan and implement best practice AI / ML projects.

Our team of expert data scientists and consultants will work with you every step of the way, providing regular progress reports to keep projects on track for a timely delivery that is of the highest quality.


  • Identify and pilot the most strategic use case based on our AI framework
  • Build out a tech platform that can serve as the base for future AI  investments by validating a successful, initial project
  • De-risk your first AI initiative by getting expert advice and clear direction
  • Work with a team of highly experienced consultants and data scientists to establish best AI practice

Key Activities

  • Consultation and workshops held to identify high-value use cases within your organisation
  • Assessment and validation of your ideal use case by the development of a proof of concept based on our AI framework
  • Presentation of expected business value and key insights produced from the proof of concept
  • Creation of a project roadmap for productionisation