Process Optimisation – Credit Limit Management

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About Henry Schein 

Henry Schein is a Fortune 500 distributor of health care products and services and Australia’s largest dental distributor.  

The Challenge 

To enable their customers to grow their businesses, Henry Schein makes supplies available on credit. Each business is unique, and an appropriate credit limit for each business changes with the changing circumstances of each business and market conditions. 

The Solution 

Using the latest AWS cloud technology and machine learning, Henry Schein and Intellify were able to extract data from existing systems including their ERP, predict customer needs, and ensure they had access to appropriate credit limits to support their businesses. 

How We Helped 

Intellify’s data scientists were able to design and deploy a machine learning system that categorises customers and defines an optimal credit limit. The system uses a machine learning model which classifies customers into three categories and applies an appropriate credit limit. The Sagemaker model reduced manual work by 50% for the Henry Schein team and extended the number of customers the team was able to cover.