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Ever wondered why certain ads are targeted at you and your friends? This could be because you have similar user experience patterns. Machine learning algorithms analyse your buying and viewing patters based on historical data.

How it all works

Recommendation engines improves customer engagement by powering highly personalised product and content recommendations. The engine is a data filtering tool that makes use of data and algorithms to recommend the most relevant items, tailor search results, and enable targeted marketing promotions. 

Common questions

When making decisions based on your users buying patterns and activities plus additional demographic information from users such as age, or geographic location, companies face some of these common questions:

  • Which customers are more likely to respond to a 24-hour flash sale?
  • Which customers will respond positively to a change in one of our services?
  • Which products will suit this demographic?
  • I want to allocate budget to the correct platforms, so which marketing channels are best suited to my audience?

How can we help

By studying your customer base, services and products we are able to develop tailored recommendation engines to target specific customers. 

Customer obsession is one of Intellify’s core pillars. Our organisation understands the significance of maintaining customer relationships and the importance of the customer journey. By highly personalised recommendations, you are truly engaging with the customer and understanding their needs, in ways your competitors may fall short.

Some of our happy clients

“What’s dangerous is not to evolve, not to invent, not to improve the customer experience.”
- Jeff Bezos