Machine Learning Consulting

If data is the new oil, machine learning is the engine that powers the creation of value from this data

It uses data on what has happened in conjunction with complex, well-studied mathematical algorithms to predict what will happen and why, enabling smarter, faster, and data-driven decisions across an organisation. 

 Machine learning has helped different teams reinvent themselves, resulting in sales and marketing driving high engagement and lowering customer acquisition costs, supply chain reducing lost sales and excess inventory, and operations increasing asset uptime and minimising maintenance costs. However, the task of delivering machine learning solutions across the business is no easy feat. Few organisations have the in-house know-how and the ability to develop the cross-functional teams necessary to succeed.  

As AWS’s partner of the Year for Data, Analytics and Machine Learning in 2021 & 2019, and one of two Machine Learning Competency partners in Australia and New Zealand, we have been helping large enterprises successfully build and implement machine learning solutions across their business to realise a measurable ROI. 

How can Intellify help?

Machine learning Pilot

Do you want to use machine learning to solve a business problem?

Are you looking to understand how machine learning can be used to create value?

Our machine learning experts will work with you and your team to rapidly validate, prototype, pilot, and measure your use case using machine learning best practices.

Machine Learning Enablement

Are you looking to get more from your data science and machine learning engineering teams?

We have worked closely with these teams to help enable them in the areas of value identification, delivery, and technical frameworks as well as data science productivity tools.

Machine learning technical advisory

Is your in-house data science team struggling to solve your business problem?

Our consultants will work with your team to understand your business context, data, and desired outcome to develop the most effective machine learning solution.

We start with problems, not solutions.

We help our clients’ get the most value out of their machine learning platforms by starting with problems, not solutions. 
We consult with your different stakeholders to understand their most pressing challenges and requirements.
Once captured, we work iteratively and dynamically with your team to architect and implement the best possible solution.

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Why Intellify?

Demonstrated Award-Winning Capability

Through our demonstration of outcomes for customers as well as our technical frameworks and skills, we have been recognised by Amazon Web Services by being awarded the AWS Partner of the Year for Data, Analytics & Machine Learning, and 1 of 2 Machine Learning Competency Partners in Australia and New Zealand.


Our data scientists and engineers have been working on and with Amazon SageMaker since Day 1. In the process of delivering tens of machine learning projects using Amazon SageMaker, our team has learned the platform inside and out. 

Cross-Industry & Domain Expertise

We help our clients produce unique and impactful solutions through cross-pollinating ideas and techniques that are successful across different industries and domains. 

Results In Weeks, Not Months

We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver results quickly. We do this by leveraging our experienced consultants, Intellectual Property, and unique delivery frameworks.