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Disrupting Insurance using Machine Learning with Databricks on AWS

Learn how insurance is being disrupted using AI/ML and how leveraging Databricks on AWS can accelerate innovation in your organisation.

The insurance industry has a reputation for slow and antiquated processes. Customers expectations have changed rapidly, fuelled by their day-to-day experiences with digital technology in other aspects of their lives. Enormous opportunities exist to reshape some of the fundamental pillars of insurance.

In this webinar we examine use cases corresponding to 3 of these pillars:

  1. disciplined and effective underwriting
  2. prudent risk management
  3. streamlined cost-controls

We show how AI/ML can contribute to an organisation becoming a market leader in each area. Each pillar will be discussed with reference to a selection of persona roles (actuary, underwriting, customer representative, IT etc.) operating in an insurance organisation and what this digital transformation means.

Download this webinar to learn how Insurance companies can achieve these outcomes by working with Intellify and leveraging the powerful platforms of Databricks and AWS.

In this session we cover:

  • What types of Insurance challenges machine learning can help to optimise
  • How does machine learning provide a decision support system for underwriting processes
  • How AI/ML can be used to increase efficiency and reduce fixed costs in claims handling
  • How does Machine Learning augment actuarial methods for risk modelling?
  • How does AWS and Databricks help transform the insurance core operations
  • A demonstration of risk modelling using Databricks on AWS.


Cam Cairns, Principle Consultant at Intellify

Jonathan Choi, Solution Architect at Databricks


If you’re a business and/or IT executive or manager who wants to understand how machine learning will impact your industry and how you can leverage these technologies to create measurable business value, contact us today!