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Databricks is a Unified Data Analytics Platform designed for your entire team.

Built by the same team who developed Apache Spark – the industry best practice for Big Data ETL jobs – Databricks is designed to scale with your data. As a Databricks partner, we can assist you in your journey towards creating a Unified Data Analytics Platform. 

Key Benefits of Databricks

Unified Data Analytics Platform 

Keep your data close to the scientists and analysts using it. Power up your Data Lake using Databrick’s open-sourced Delta Lake to provide DML support to your lake. Integrate natively with your AWS Glue Data Catalog to provide teams access to all of your data at their fingertips. Review and monitor your models using MLflow, Databrick’s open-source experiment management system. 


Databricks realises that collaboration is a crucial piece of our work. Data Engineers, Data Scientists, and Business Analysts can all work simultaneously together thanks to real-time collaboration and polyglot language support for programming languages such as Python, R, and SQL within notebooks. You can even export your notebooks into different formats (Databricks Notebook, Jupyter Notebook, and HTML just to name a few) to share your results with the community or other teams! 

One-Click Production Systems

Databricks lets your team work in an interactive environment all the way to deployment. Schedule ETL jobs and ML models using the native workflow scheduling support for notebooks. Quickly convert your visualisations your Data Scientists and Business Analysts produce into beautiful dashboards: all within the same place they were developed. 

Why choose Intellify

  • Cross-functional structure at Intellify enables you to get the best out of this platform 
  • Our teams are able to work together in real-time, helping shorten the development cycle 
  • Close relationship with Solution Architects at Databricks help us design the optimal solution.
  • Databricks Partner 

Our engagements start with the setup and installation of your Databricks environment or an audit of your existing environment. We’ll apply Databricks best practices around security and access control management.  

Next, our team of Data Engineers will setup your Data Lake to serve as the lifeblood for all of your dashboards and ML solutions. Thanks to Databrick’s native integration with Apache Spark your ETL workflows can be developed, deployed, and monitored with a set of notebooks that exist alongside your ML and dashboarding solutions. 

Simultaneously our Data Scientists will get to work on developing bespoke business-centric dashboards and ML solutions to enhance your business intelligence operations. The notebooks that our team use for exploratory data analysis, model development, and evaluation are production-ready from day one and can immediately be converted in a production-ready system with scheduled workflows. 


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