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A key differentiator of successful data teams

A key differentiator of successful data teams is their ability to quickly deliver business value generating data products.

However, too many data teams get stuck on building platforms, infrastructure, and tools which become defunct by the time they are operationalised 

 Databricks, the unified analytics data platform, is designed to give you a state-of-the-art scalable platform built on top of Apache Spark that provides you with an interactive collaborative workspace for data exploration and visualisation that takes away the headaches of managing and building your own production scale platform.  

As a Professional Tier Databricks consulting partner, Intellify has helped enterprise and government data teams build and develop successful data, analytics, and machine learning capabilities using the Databricks Unified Data Analytics Platform.

How can Intellify help?

Databricks Jumpstart

Do you want to implement Databricks but don’t know how to get started?

Our Databricks consultants will conduct a deep dive with you and your team to determine how you can get the most value out of the Databricks Platform and the most promising areas for analytics and machine learning across your business. We’ll then work with you to define a business case and solution architecture that can be executed quickly to demonstrate value.

Databricks Enablement

Are you looking to deliver value to the business while upskilling and enabling your team on the Databricks platform?

Our consultants will work with your business and data teams to identify several use cases that can be rapidly developed and productionised on the Databricks platform. During this process, your technical teams will learn the ropes from our consultants by working side by side to implement your use cases, guiding them from start to finish.

We start with problems, not solutions.

We help our clients’ get the most value out of their machine learning platforms by starting with problems, not solutions. 
We consult with your different stakeholders to understand their most pressing challenges and requirements. 
Once captured, we work iteratively and dynamically with your
team to architect and implement the best possible solution.

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Why Intellify & Databricks?

Results In Weeks, Not Months

We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver results quickly. We do this by leveraging our experienced consultants, Intellectual Property, and unique delivery frameworks.  

Demonstrated Award-Winning Capability

Through our demonstration of outcomes for customers as well as our technical frameworks and skills, we have been recognised by Amazon Web Services by being awarded the AWS Partner of the Year for Data, Analytics & Machine Learning, and 1 of 2 Machine Learning Competency Partners in Australia and New Zealand.

Cross-Industry & Domain Expertise

We help our clients come up with unique and impactful solutions through cross-pollinating ideas and techniques that are successful across different industries and domains.