AWS Sydney Summit 2021 with Intellify

We hope you enjoyed the 2021 AWS Sydney Summit – let’s not stop here, find out how Intellify and AWS are a match made in technology heaven.

Simplifying the complexity of creating value with data

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Enter your details to win a complementary seat the next AI For Executives workshop valued at $1,500!

As organisations look to build AI/ML capabilities it is critical that executives understand how this technology will drive meaningful value across their business. This executive workshop will help you to discovery the crucial foundations and learn the core essentials that need to be established to deliver and sustain an AI/ML function inside your organisation. Fill in your details below to enter. 

    Want to know more about what we can do for you?​

    Consulting Offer

    Machine Learning Use Case Identification

    Often, we get told that identifying the quickest win for AI & ML is overwhelming. It’s a risk to the business to make a significant investment initially for what might not be the most effective use case. 

    With this offer, we’re removing the complexity for you. With over 100 positive ROI projects completed, we will work with you to identify the quickest win, workshop with your team to ensure you have the right data to execute, then present a plan to capitalise on the ROI and outcome we believe is available.
    Afterwards, we will present a clear path of engagement to achieve that fixed outcome. 

    Typical Engagement:

    • 3 – 4 weeks
    • $15,000 ex GST