Amazon Forecast Consulting

Forecasting is everywhere

It is used by leading businesses in every industry to improve and optimise their planning activities so they can act smarter, faster, and data-driven.  

 Forecasting has helped energy companies to better manage their capacity planning and generation, retail businesses to quantify and optimise their sales and inventory, labor-intensive organisations to proactively plan their workforce based on expected demand and financial services, and insurers to more accurately predict their expected claims and defaults. However, even though the benefits are clear and widely applicable, few organisations know how to leverage modern machine learning and time-series techniques to drastically improve the quality of their forecasting activities. 

Intellify has helped businesses to implement and action State-of-the-Art forecasting across their business in weeks, not months, by leveraging Amazon Forecast. A fully managed, machine learning-based, time-series forecasting service, based on the same technology used by  

How can Intellify help?

Amazon Forecast Proof-of-Value

Are you looking to benchmark Amazon Forecast against your existing in-house or 3rd Party forecasting solutions?

We have extensive experience in working with in-house forecasting teams to set-up side-by-side comparisons to calculated the expected accuracy uplift using Amazon Forecast. In general, we would expect to find double-digit improvements in forecast accuracy compared to existing solutions.

Amazon Forecast Jumpstart

Do you want to get started with Amazon Forecast but don’t know how to get started?

Our Amazon Forecasting consultants will conduct a deep dive with you and your team to determine the best area of application. We’ll then work with you to define a business case and solution architecture that can be executed quickly to demonstrate value.

Amazon Forecast Automation

Is your team comfortable with Amazon Forecast service, but they don’t know how to automatically, orchestrate the data flow from source to service to the application?

As this is a common challenge for many businesses, we have built code templates that allow our consultants to rapidly, and automatically, extract the data from your source systems, feed it through the Amazon Forecast service and then inject the forecasting input into your planning system for use across your business.

We start with problems, not solutions.

We help our clients’ get the most value out of their machine learning platforms by starting with problems, not solutions. 
We consult with your different stakeholders to understand their most pressing challenges and requirements.
Once captured, we work iteratively and dynamically with your team to architect and implement the best possible solution.

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Why Intellify?

Demonstrated Award-Winning Capability

Through our demonstration of outcomes for customers as well as our technical frameworks and skills, we have been recognised by Amazon Web Services by being awarded the AWS Partner of the Year for Data, Analytics & Machine Learning, and 1 of 2 Machine Learning Competency Partners in Australia and New Zealand.

Results In Weeks, Not Months

We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver results quickly. We do this by leveraging our experienced consultants, Intellectual Property, and unique delivery frameworks.  

Amazon Forecast Thought Leaders

As the first, and currently only, Amazon Forecast Launch Partner in the Asia Pacific we have been recognised by AWS for our skills and expertise in Amazon Forecast proof-of-value delivery and product implementation.   

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