AI For Executives

Session 1 - In Person: 23rd April 2021 | 10am - 1pm | QT, Sydney Session 2 - Virtual: 30th April 2021 | 10am - 1pm

An executive briefing designed to help accelerate your Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning journey through sharing industry best practices.

Session 1 – In Person:
23rd April 2021 | 10am – 1pm | QT, Sydney
Session 2 – Virtual: 30th April 2021 | 10am – 1pm
Market Room, QT, Sydney NSW

This executive training course is designed exclusively for business and IT executives, providing a unique learning and networking opportunity to discover the crucial strategies necessary to implement Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). Attendees will be taught the core essentials of building out AI / ML strategy and capability within their own organisations. 
This course is a full-day in person workshop where you will learn:

  • Identify your business’s most valuable use cases
  • Formulate an ML business case with demonstrated ROI
  • Develop an understanding of AI/ML project best practice
  • Discover the key people and way of working to complete an AI/ML initiative
  • Learn how to begin to run a project within your own organisation

This Course

This course doesn’t require any programming or statistics knowledge. It will teach you the building blocks of AI / ML using real-world practical examples, use cases, and case studies. Just bring your business and managerial experience, and the course will do the rest.

AI/ML Ready

AI / ML projects are complex and, as an executive, you must know how to set the strategic direction for the entire team, as well as your organisation. By the time you finish the course, you will be ready to apply the newly acquired skills to drive better business and strategic decisions for your organisation using AI and ML.

Our Presenters

Our presenters have deep expertise gained by many years in business solving problems using AI/ML and will help you to avoid costly mistakes, learn where to start, and plan for AI/ML initiatives within your organisation. Our course facilitators join us from Intellify.

“I found the AI for managers workshop to be extremely helpful and practical, and after attending I recommended the course to all the managers in my team. In addition to the course itself, the opportunity to meet like-minded professionals and exchange ideas was also invaluable”.
– Mudit, Head of Advanced Analytics, Origin

“This course has provided me with a business perspective of the applicability of AI within my organisation as well as creating awareness of associated risk and opportunities with implementing this technology.”
– Lea, CIO, Compass Group Australia

“AI for managers is well curated course delivered by experts in the field of AI. It was very much worth my time.” 
– Sulva, Managing Principal, Data & Analytics, AON

“I would highly recommend Intellify’s workshop for the managers who are keen to kick off relevant ML development projects to realise differentiating business value.  The workshop strikes a great balance of delivering the essential knowledge, structured yet pragmatic approach and know-hows from Intellify’s many successful implementation experiences.”
– Sunjoo, Head of Strategy and Innovation, Broadspectrum