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Our Mission

“Our mission is to simplify the complexity of creating value from data.”

Our Vision

“Our vision is to become the global standard in unifying business, science, and engineering.”

Born from the shared desire to solve Australia's most challenging business problems.

Intellify was born in January of 2018 when our founders came together with a shared passion for solving Australia’s hardest business problems through advanced data and machine learning solutions. 

They sought to build a specialist consultancy that was able to deliver measurable ROI in weeks, not months, by combining the business acumen of management consultants, the algorithmic knowledge of Australia’s best data scientists, as well as the data and cloud skills of leading DevOps professionals. 

 After growing from our 4 founders to over 15 staff in early 2019 and delivering many successful projects for large enterprises and government along the way, Intellify was named Amazon Web Services Partner of the Year in 2019 for Data, Analytics, and Machine Learning. This achievement was due to Intellify’s customer obsession, experienced consultants, and several high-impact machine learning projects across the areas of telecommunications, energy, and transport.  

In 2020, with over 25 consultants, Intellify was awarded Amazon Web Service’s Machine Learning Competency, only the 2nd consulting partner in Australia and New Zealand, through our demonstrated best practice of machine learning on Amazon Web Services cloud computing platform.

In 2021, Intellify has expanded to 50 staff across data engineering, data science, analytics, business intelligence, and DevOps to meet our clients’ growing requirements across the full spectrum of data-enabled services. Intellify was further recognised as Databricks Partner of the Year in 2022 & 2021. 

Most recently, and in a reflection on how we come together as a team, Intellify received recognition for our workplace culture as a Great Place to Work® Certified company in June 2021.

Guiding Principles

We are responsible for future

To safeguard our future generations, we hold ourselves accountable for the ethical and unbiased use of data.

When relevant, we build technical and process guardrails and improve them with every iteration to avoid laying the wrong AI foundations.

We embrace constraints

We believe that constraints lead us to better solutions. 

We turn constraints into opportunities and consider them as creativity stimulants rather than blockers. 

Using lean thinking, in every decision, we ask ourselves, can I do more with less?

We pick the right battles

We have an exceptional ability in choosing what to say no to. 

In our decisions, we focus on a few activities that bring the highest return to our customers in the long run. 

With fewer distractions, we take more calculated risks and grow our capabilities in a nonlinear fashion.

We are diverse, but we converge

We believe the most valuable solutions come from diverse opinions. 

We passionately debate, challenge, and disagree with each other, always with mutual respect and emphasising the facts. 

However, we have exceptional talent in converging on a final decision, accepting it wholeheartedly and then executing it to the best of our ability.

We are bold, but humble

We think big, make bold plans and use them to inspire the market. However, the bolder the plan, the more humble and critical we are about it. 

We work tirelessly to confirm or disprove our assumptions and theories, and we are willing to change our opinions with the new data that we seek out. 

We worry less about looking smart and instead use that energy for continuous improvement and walking the path of mastery.

We make it as simple as it can be

There is great power in simplification, and the ability to strip away unnecessary complexity is an attribute we strive for in all aspects of our work. 

There is nothing simple about simplicity, and achieving it requires a thorough understanding of the problem space and the needs of the intended audience.

We Hire & Develop Builders

The right people are our most valuable asset. 

We believe in the “who” before “how” or “what“; therefore, it is everyone’s job to hire and develop bar-raising talent continuously. 

Speed and profit matter in the business, but we willingly trade-off short-term gains to find and continue to develop the right people. 

Our job does not finish with hiring but only starts. We develop our teams and encourage skills diversity through our cross-functional delivery structure.

We are Builders

As builders, we are peculiar in our approach to learning and applying. We learn by doing, we build to last, and we are comfortable thinking counterintuitively. 

There is no challenge too complex because we get a kick when solving problems with no blueprints. No matter what role we play, we are builders, and we enjoy the process as much as the result.

We are our customer’s trusted advisors

Our proudest badge of honour is to be our customer’s trusted advisors.

We obsessively examine our decisions to ensure the highest delivery quality, and we tie our success to the sustained value we create for our customers.

When needed, we drop everything else to earn and keep our customers’ trust.

Key Partners

We work with leading technology providers to build and deliver solutions that solve our customer’s most challenging business problems.  

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services, the leading cloud provider, gives customers a highly reliable, scalable, low-cost infrastructure platform in the cloud  that can be used for data storage, processing, and analysis  


As the leader in Unified Data Analytics, Databricks helps organizations make all their data ready for analytics, empower data science and data-driven decisions across the organization, and rapidly adopt machine learning to outpace the competition.


Tableau Software helps people see and understand data. Offering a revolutionary new approach to business intelligence, Tableau allows you to quickly connect, visualize, and share data with a seamless experience. 


InfluxData is the creator of the leading open-source time-series database that is purpose-built to handle the massive volumes of time-stamped data produced by IoT devices, applications, networks, containers, and computers. 


Kale Temple

Co-Founder & Co-CEO

Kale leverages his expertise in data and machine learning to architect solutions that empower business performance and growth. He has consulted with a number of the world’s leading corporate and government organisations for over 7 years.

Kale has also held industry advisory positions at the University of Sydney and RMIT. He holds a Bachelor of Liberal Arts and Sciences (Economics) and Masters of Economics (Economics & Econometrics) from the University of Sydney.

Matt Alamdari

Co-Founder & Co-CEO

Matt graduated from Electronics Engineering in 2008 and soon developed an interest in project management. He entered the world of corporate project management consultancy in 2010, gaining extensive experience with leading private and public organisations on various transformational technology projects.

Working with clients through this time, he became aware of a growing and essential need for Data Science and Machine Learning services. After meeting the other co-founders and discussing their vision, Intellify was formed in January 2018 to meet clients’ needs by exploring AI and machine learning projects.

Matt has been a member of the Project Management Institute and PMP holder since 2014 and will graduate with his MBA from the Australian School of Graduate Management (AGSM) in 2022.

Nikzad Rizvandi, PhD

Co-Founder / IP and R&D Director

Nikzad has over a decade of experience as a data scientist and software engineer. He has worked across Europe and Australia for some leading and well-know organisations such as: IMEC (Belgium), University of Sydney, Mathspace, Data 61 amongst others.

His expertise in data science has impacted organisations through implementing new services and optimising available applications.

Cam Cairns

Practice Director

Cam is a passionate builder. Before joining Intellify, he built components of Global Climate Models running on some of the world’s largest supercomputers; built machine learning products underlying the launch of a new digital car insurance brand in the UK; and helped pioneer one of the first uses of machine learning for Commercial Lending risk and servicing modelling in Australia.

Now, as Practice Director at Intellify, Cam builds teams and delivery capabilities. He tells data and technology stories, in addition to building machine learning and artificial intelligence strategies.

Cam heads up the Data Science, Business Intelligence and Solutions teams. Together, these teams collaborate across all parts of the value chain to simplify the complexity of getting value from data for organisations across Australia and abroad.

Koorosh Lohrasbi


Starting his tech career in 2002, Koorosh comes from a strong technical background, having experienced several waves of digital transformation over the last two decades. Before Intellify, Koorosh worked at Amazon Web Services as an Enterprise Solutions Architect leading the incubation of AI and Machine learning initiatives in AWS across the Australia Pacific Region.
As the CTO of Intellify, he heads up the engineering teams and is responsible for the technology direction of solutions and go-to-market strategy.

Koorosh is a frequent speaker in technology events worldwide and has a passion for creating communities, having co-founded the Sydney Machine Learning group with more than 5000 members.

In addition to his work at Intellify, Koorosh is an angel investor and advisor for several start-ups in Australia and abroad.

Gráinne Gaffney

Head of People & Culture

Gráinne brings over 20 years of HR experience to the team. She brings best practice and world-class experience, energy and passion to Intellify; ensuring Intellify continues to be a “Great Place to Work”. Gráinne has proven successful in creating cultures of collaboration and implementing change to achieve workforce excellence.

Carmen Parnos

Head of Talent

Carmen has over 25 years of IT industry experience, the majority spent in technology recruitment. She has had an entrepreneurial background, running different recruitment practices that involved assisting the AWS eco-system identify expert cloud talent.

Carmen is the Intellify talent acquisition SME, working with the varying business units in building out technical teams by identifying talent such as, Data Scientists, Data Engineers, BI Consultants, DevOps, Security and talented general staff.